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Copy of Psalm 8212 Poster - Made with Po



Christina M. Sorrentino  is a millennial, cradle, Catholic who is a theology teacher for a Catholic high school, and is a freelance writer and author in Staten Island, New York. She is passionate about her Catholic faith; liturgy and the sacraments, praying for priests, and striving towards holiness. Her desire is to become a saint and help bring souls to Jesus in the Eucharist.


Her mission is to live in imitation of the Good Shepherd by being a witness of Christ in the world through the New Evangelization. Her desire is to help bring our fallen away Catholics back Home to the Catholic Church, and reach out to the most neglected and spiritually abandoned souls, especially our children. She wants all Catholics to truly understand the beautiful gift of the Eucharist that our Lord gives us; His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, the sweet taste of Heaven on Earth, and how important it is to pray for our priests, and for more vocations to the priesthood. Without the priesthood there is no Eucharist.


Education and Qualifications:


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