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Belonging to Christ: Catholic Poetry

Called to Love A Listening Heart - A Book of Catholic Poetry 


Agape Review

The Pietà


Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Called to the Reverent Stillness at Mass

Evangelization: The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals

Educational Policy: Instruction and Assessment 


Online Magazines/Blogs

Blessed is She

Jesus My Everything: On Adoration

Praying with Mary through the Heart of a Mother


Author Page


Catholic Exchange

Author Page


Catholic Insight (Canada)

The Vital and Abiding Need for Confession

Catholic Link

A Vocation Story: On the Path of Love

Catholic Stand

Pride Vs. Humility - The Struggle is Real

The Daily Declaration (Australia)

Mission Territory

Spiritual Motherhood - Every Woman's Calling


The Faith Companion (United Kingdom)

I'm a Millennial Catholic - Here to Stay


Ignitum Today

Author Page


Joy in Truth

The Eucharistic Mystery is Meant to Be Lived

Christ, King of Heaven and Earth


Leonie's Longing

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness
Experiencing Holy Envy 
Finding Strength in the Lord


Missio Dei

Author Page


Patheos Catholic

Forgiveness Heals Us


Pilgrim - A Journal of Catholic Experience

Whispering Wind  

Radiant Magazine

Author Page


Where Peter Is

Author Page


Word on Fire

Author Page


The Young Catholic Woman

Blessed is She Who Forgave


Catholic New York

Most Precious Gift
A Culture of Vocations
Young Voices


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