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June and July Happenings

During the months of June and July the following publications appeared online, as well as a few blog mentions.


June 3 - On Modesty: Recognizing Our Belovedness on Radiant Magazine

Most Precious Gift 'Letter to the Editor' in Catholic New York Print Newspaper

June 5 - "La Pieta" - The Face of Christ in Art on Ignitum Today

June 24 - The Sacrament of Baptism is HUGE! on Ignitum Today


July 2 -Love Leads the Way on Ignitum Today

July 5 - This is Why I'm Still Catholic on Radiant Magazine

July 6 - Blessed is She Who Forgave on Ignitum Today

July 20 - Respect Our Pastors on Ignitum Today

July 27 - Love Amidst the Thorns on Ignitum Today

July 29 - Called to the Reverent Stillness at Mass on Homiletic & Pastoral Review


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