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I Love My Parish

You can get an exclusive first look at my latest article, "Why I Love My Parish," at Missio Dei by becoming a paid subscriber and supporting our mission. Here is a preview below:

"Every parish in the Catholic Church has its own unique identity, charism, and flavor. There are no two parishes that are exactly the same. A Catholic calls a parish his or her home because it is a good “fit” for the individual. It is a place where the spiritual needs of the person are met, and those belonging to the parish are a true family offering love and support, and helping to build up one another as members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

I am blessed and thankful beyond all measure to have found my spiritual home. Often Catholics shop around to find a parish at some point in their life, but my local parish has always been “it”for me. I have at one time or another visited other parishes for various celebrations, occasions, or events, but there is a special kind of indescribable feeling that envelopes your soul only when you are at your parish. There is no other place on earth like it."

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